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Become a Wellness Coach, Health Coach or Lifestyle Coach...whatever you choose 

We are a New Zealand business that focusses on helping you help others on their journey towards their own health wellness.

We all have the need to grow and contribute in our community and the inspiring learning experiences at Move Academy are designed to help our students gain that growth and knowledge and be able to help others. Established by a group of individuals that have dedicated their lives to the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry; we can provide the learning and experience that you need to take your skills to the next level, and give you the confidence and platform to help others fulfil their dreams.


We have teamed up with international experts such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE), YMCA Awards and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) to offer to you the most innovative and current courses and offerings in the industry. We provide qualifications suited to what you are looking to achieve in your Health, Wellness and Fitness career goals;

including Wellness Coach, Health Coach and Lifestyle Coach. 

Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help our students make an impact on the world.


Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us!


Helping You Help Others Move

We believe the fundamentals of health and wellness are linked to all six pillars of wellness and you cannot 'fix' one pillar without looking and addressing them all.

Our programs build on knowledge and a set of skills to incorporate all six pillars of wellness to provide a holistic approach to help the client succeed in their goals. 


Move Towards your New Career

With years of experience as educators and Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals, we know just what it takes to make an impact in the lives of your clients, community, country and maybe even the world; and we want to share this knowledge with you.


At Move Academy, we believe in fostering a creative, collaborative, and engaging experience to help your reach your full potential and help you pursue your dream of helping others. We teach all of the 6 pillars of health and wellness; not just one or two; to bring you a learning experience that you can use to contribute to the lives of others. We have teamed up with the American Council on Exercise and the YMCA awards to create our programs to help you achieve this dream. We have many levels of programming including Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Wellness Coach or Lifestyle Coach that can work to achieve your coaching goals


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"I am well into my study with Move Academy and I am loving it!

Everything is very accessible and I can study at my own pace which works very well with my lifestyle. The tutors have been a constant help and respond within a few hours to any queries. The course content is full of great information, very inviting and easy to work through.


Cannot wait to finish the course and start my career in this new and exciting industry!"  Mark E



Visitors are always welcome; please drop in for a coffee and a chat. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and courses, please get in touch.

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Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world. 

Nelson Mandela

Because Every Body needs a Coach 

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